Online Bill Payment FAQs

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What is Online Bill Payment?

Online bill payment is WSSC Water’s initiative to become more environmentally friendly through electronic or paperless billing. The program provides customers the option of suppressing paper statements and electing to receive email notifications when the bill is available for viewing. 

What are the benefits of Online Bill Payment?

  • FREE paperless billing statements
  • FREE online payments
  • Manage payments
  • Access to billing history
  • Fast, easy, and convenient
  • Payments post within minutes
  • Cost Saving

What is the payment method for online bill payment?

When paying an e-Bill, you must pay by check, also known as ACH, or an electronic check. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, please use the “Quick Payment Options” link in the Customer Portal. There is a fee associated with credit card payments.

Can I view my current bill and past bills online if I am enrolled in online bill payment?

Yes, you have the ability to view your current bill as well as 12 months of previous bills that will accumulate from the time you enroll. If you do not have 12 months of bills available for viewing, please use the “View Payment History” link in the Customer Portal.

What are the payment scheduling options?

You can choose to pay now, schedule a future payment, or set up automatic payments. Please ensure your payment is scheduled prior to the bill due date to avoid a 5% late fee. 

E-Z Pay Customers Please Note: If you are currently enrolled in WSSC Water’s E-Z Pay direct debit program, please contact us at or 301-206-4001, to cancel this service BEFORE you sign-up for online bill payment program. If you enroll in online bill payment program without canceling E-Z Pay direct debits first, your bank account will be automatically debited for the same bill TWICE.

What is the difference between the “Amount Due” and the “Full Statement Balance”?

Normally, these two amounts (appearing on your bill as “Total Current Charges” and “Total Account Balance”) are the same.  However, in some cases, when there is an overpayment (credit) or an outstanding unpaid balance (remaining from a previous bill), they may be DIFFERENT! To avoid overpayments, late fees and/or collection activity, please double check your bill each quarter to ensure you are paying the correct amount.   

If I choose the “Auto Pay” option, will my current unpaid bill be paid automatically?

No, if you have a current unpaid bill reflected on your account at the time you enroll in online bill payment, please use the “Pay Now” feature. Future bills will be paid automatically using the options you select when setting up Auto Pay.

If I choose “pay now” option, will my payment be credited to my account the same day?

Yes, your “Pay Now” payment will post to your account within minutes of your completed transaction. If your water service has been disconnected, please call us at 301-206-4001.

For automatic payments, can I impose a payment limit?

Yes, you can set a payment limit, which can be changed (increased/decreased) or cancelled at any time.

Are there restrictions on the payment options?

Payments through your checking account are not authorized if your WSSC Water account is in a “cash only” status. In that case, customers can pay their bill with a credit card using our Quick Payment Options in the Customer Portal. There is a fee associated with credit card payments

Do I have to enroll in online bill payment to take advantage of this free service?

Yes, you must enroll in the online bill payment program to use this service.

How long does it take to activate online bill payment?

Activation can take up to one billing cycle. After you sign up, an email will be sent when e-Bill is activated.

Can I cancel at anytime?

 Yes, you can cancel at anytime by going into the Account Management area of the site and deleting the account.

Can my spouse or someone else in the household sign-up as well?

No, only one user per billing account is allowed to register.

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