What is the WSSC Water Customer Assistance Program (CAP)?

Effective July 1, 2015, a new WSSC Water Customer Assistance Program or CAP was implemented to allow qualified WSSC Water customers to receive a credit for the Ready to Serve Charge. To date over 9,000 WSSC Water customers have received the CAP credit. 

What is the Ready to Serve Charge?

There are two components to the Ready to Serve charge shown on the WSSC Water bill: (1) the Account Maintenance Fee (AMF) which covers the cost to bring water and sewer service to every home and business (includes meters, meter readers and billing); and (2) the new Infrastructure Investment Fee (IIF) which is allocated to the replacement/rehabilitation of system infrastructure.

How much money will this save me?

The Ready to Serve Charge varies slightly depending on the size of the meter, but the AMF averages about $16 per quarterly bill and the IIF averages about $12 per quarterly bill for a combined credit of approximately $26 per quarter.

How do I qualify for the CAP?

The CAP “piggy-backs” on the State Office of Home Energy Program (OHEP) to determine eligibility. If you are enrolled with OHEP, you receive the CAP credit.

How do I apply for the WSSC Water CAP?

Once you are approved for energy assistance through Maryland’s OHEP, you receive the WSSC Water CAP credit. If approved, you will receive a notification from WSSC Water. OHEP customers can also check their CAP status online at

Will I receive a refund on my water bill?

No.  The CAP customers receive a credit for the Ready to Serve Charge that appears on the water and sewer bill.  In effect, the Ready to Serve Charge is subtracted from your bill.

Does the CAP pay for any of my water/sewer usage charges?

No. The CAP covers the Ready to Serve Charge only. Individuals who are approved are charged for the water and sewer usage based on their consumption. Customers can further reduce their bills through conservation.

How will I know if I have been approved for the CAP?

If you are approved for the WSSC Water CAP, you will receive a letter. Customers enrolled in OHEP can also check their CAP status online at

What about help with the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fee?

CAP customers automatically receive the exemption to the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Fee. WSSC Water administers this fee on behalf of the State of Maryland.

How is the CAP funded?

The CAP is funded 100 percent by WSSC Water.

How does CAP differ from the WSSC Water's Water Fund?

The WSSC Water's Water Fund provides one-time or emergency assistance to customers in financial need. It is funded by contributions from customers, employees and others. Also, the Water Fund is administered by a third party.

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