Fire Hydrant Meter Rentals

Overview Statement:

This page will detail the requirements of protecting against a backflow occurrence when using a WSSC Water Fire Hydrant Meter as well as other code requirements for these applications.

Additional Protection Required

WSSC Water leases two sizes of fire hydrant meters for temporary use:

  1. “Large” 3” meters are outfitted with a 2-1/2” male hose thread connection. These meters do not come outfitted with the required backflow prevention assembly. See additional information below regarding privately supplied backflow prevention assemblies.
  2. “Small” ¾” meters are outfitted with a ¾” male hose thread connection and an integral backflow prevention device. No additional protection is required unless hose will be connected directly to a high hazard water utilizing piece of equipment.

User’s responsibility

The individual or entity utilizing a Large WSSC Water Meter shall provide an ASSE 1013 RP Backflow Prevention Assembly for every application, other than for an approved tanker (with an inspected and unaltered air gap connection). See WSSC Water Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code sections 111.5.11 & 506.7.3.

Permit Requirements

The installation of a Backflow Prevention Assembly for temporary water use does not require a permit or inspection. The installation shall comply with all applicable code requirements set forth in WSSC Water Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code, Chapter 5 including testing and reporting requirements detailed below.

Testing Intervals

Backflow Prevention Assemblies, which serve along with a Large WSSC Water Fire Hydrant Meter rental, shall be tested and reported every six (6) months. See WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code Sections 111.5.11 & 506.7.3.


When completing a test report for a Backflow Prevention Assembly, which serves along with a Large WSSC Water Fire Hydrant Meter, the contact information (mailing address) shall be for the owner of the Backflow Preventer and the address provided shall be their permanent office. Do not specify the temporary location in the contact information (mailing address) section. Provide the actual location of the Backflow Preventer in the Location Field and the Assembly Address Field which are part of the “facility address” section. Also be sure to select “fire hydrant meter rental” as the downstream process regardless of the actual usage; that should be added to the comments section.

Restricted Fire Hydrants

According to the lease agreement and the WSSC Water Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code, Fire Hydrant Meters shall only be use on WSSC Water fire hydrants. WSSC Water FHs are easily identified by their green and white or green and light grey coloring. Private fire hydrants, which are typically solid red in color, shall not be used for temporary water unless pre-approved.

Seasonal Applications

Garden Centers, Farm Stands, and similar facilities with permanent piping or permanent and/or heated structures (including mobile buildings and trailers) or any property with an in-ground irrigation systems, shall not utilize a fire hydrant meter rental as a method of water connection. See WSSC Water Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code sections 111.5.11 & 506.7.4.

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