Important Information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)  | Información Importante acerca del Coronavirus (COVID-19)

water is essential in protecting public healthWSSC Water is actively monitoring this evolving health threat and working closely with our state and local health partners to exchange information and coordinate responses. We have an emergency plan in place to ensure continuity of operations and meet our customers’ clean-water needs.

REMINDER: Maryland, VA and DC have Stay at Home orders in place. Please protect public health and shelter at home. If you are an essential worker, be safe and practice physical distancing.

WSSC Water is taking the specific steps to keep our employees and the community safe. Learn more. 

General COVID-19 Information

To learn more about coronavirus and ways you can help prevent the spread of this disease, visit: CDC and the Maryland Department of Health

Household Water Usage

With a Stay at Home order in place Maryland, DC and VA, we are all at home - working, learning and using water! As we wash our hands, cook and clean, our household usage is much higher than normal. It is important to be mindful of our water usage.    Understand Your Household Water Usage

Attention customers: If you receive phone calls about water filters that provide protection from COVID-19, it is a scam. Your tap water is safe. The Coronavirus is NOT detected in water or transmitted by water. Water utilities, including WSSC Water, treat and test your water to deliver it safely to you. 

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