Notice of Request to Waive WSSC Standard Procedure No. REG-IFSM-EC-2016-007 (formerly WSSC SP No. ENG 11-01)

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Soltesz, LLC, on behalf of Belnor Senior Residences, LLC, requests that WSSC approve a waiver of WSSC Standard Procedure ("SP") No. REG-IFSM-EC-2016-007 (formerly WSSC SP ENG 11-01) in connection with its proposed construction of a senior residence facility at 3800 St. Barnabas Road, Suitland, Maryland. Under the requirements of SP No. REG-IFSM-EC-2016-007, use of the senior residence facility at the location above must await completion by WSSC of its Broad Creek Basin Augmentation Project.  In a letter to WSSC Corporate Secretary Sheila R. Finlayson, which WSSC received on June 4, 2018, Soltesz, LLC asks WSSC to waive SP No. REG-IFSM-EC-2016-007 to allow construction of the facility to proceed. The basis for the waiver request is a transfer of existing sewer capacity credits from The Peterson Companies to Belnor Senior Residences, LLC that would permit the project to proceed.

In accordance with SP REG-IFSM-EC-2016-007, WSSC's General Manager/CEO has thirty (30) days from WSSC’s receipt of Soltesz’s letter and required supporting materials to consider the waiver request and to make a recommendation concerning its disposition to the full Commission.  The Commission, under the regulation, shall then act on the Request within sixty (60) days of receiving the General Manager’s written recommendation, unless such time period has been extended by agreement of the parties.   When recommending action to the Commission, the General Manager/CEO may, but is not obligated to, consider any public comment received during the thirty (30) day period.  Additional information concerning Soltesz’s request may be obtained from Sheila Finlayson, Esq., WSSC Corporate Secretary at (301) 206-8200.

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