WSSC Commissioners to Vote on $12 Million Contract for Sewer Main Inspection and Maintenance at Monthly Meeting

Cleaning and CCTV Inspection Work Protects Environment and Public Health

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Meeting Open to Public and Livestreamed 

Laurel, Md. – August 14, 2018 – WSSC Commissioners are scheduled to vote to approve a $12 million contract to continue inspecting and maintaining sewer mains across Montgomery and Prince George’s counties at their monthly meeting tomorrow at WSSC’s headquarters in Laurel. The meeting, which starts at 10 a.m., is open to the public, and available via livestream directly from WSSC’s website.

The inspection and cleaning contract, shared by four service providers, is part of WSSC’s ongoing efforts to protect the environment and public health by identifying and rapidly making repairs to sewer mains. WSSC maintains more than 5,600 miles of sewer mains in both counties. Complete contract details are on WSSC’s website.

As part of WSSC’s commitment to public engagement and transparency, the live broadcast allows viewers to observe agency business, including the review of contracts, policies, and a monthly synopsis of WSSC’s operations. The complete agenda, including links to each presentation, can be found on WSSC’s website.

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