MEDIA ADVISORY / PHOTO OP: WSSC is Fired Up about Imagine a Day Without Water

Without Water Firefighters Can’t Do Their Life-saving Jobs

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Watch a live, side-by-side burn: See how quickly fire guts a living room when there’s no water, then see how a sprinkler system swiftly puts out flames

Laurel – October 9, 2018: It really is hard to imagine… a day without water, but that’s what Wednesday, October 10 is all about. It’s Imagine a Day Without Water, a national education campaign highlighting the need for more investment in water infrastructure. Ironically, Imagine a Day Without Water takes place during National Fire Prevention Week.

Picture this… no showers, toilets don’t flush, there’s no morning coffee. Those are the obvious ways we use water, but what about when a house catches on fire. WSSC maintains more than 40,000 fire hydrants, providing quick access to life-saving water for firefighters. A day without water is a public health and safety crisis.

That’s why WSSC is teaming up with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department and the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) to show people firsthand what happens when there’s a fire and no water.

WHAT:   Imagine a Day Without Water: Watch a live side-by-side burn illustrating how quickly a room burns when there’s no water, while another room is quickly saved thanks to a sprinkler system.
  • Carla Reid, WSSC General Manager and CEO; 
  • Charles Bailey, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Division Chief; 
  • Brian Frankel, Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department Deputy Chief; and 
  • Michael Cox, MFRI Executive Director.
WHEN:   Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 10 a.m.–11 a.m., Rain or Shine
WHERE:   Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, 4500 Campus Drive, College Park, MD.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an extremely visual event. A side-by-side burn, similar to this one will be demonstrated with the assistance of area fire departments and MFRI.

For 100 years, WSSC has proudly served the citizens of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties – providing drinking water that has always met strict Safe Drinking Water Act standards and protecting the environment through vital water resource recovery services. Our vision is to be THE world-class water utility, where excellent products and services are always on tap.


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