WSSC and Damascus Residents Move to Plan “D”

Large D to be Painted on Local Water Storage Tank Instead of Swarmin’ Hornet Mascot

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LAUREL, Md. – July 7, 2017:  After getting stung by Georgia Tech over the use of Damascus High School’s swarmin’ hornet mascot on a local water storage tank, community leaders have asked WSSC to go to plan “D” – paint a large D in the school’s colors on the tank overlooking the athletic fields. Work to paint the D may start as early as this weekend, weather permitting, after crews have finished painting the word Damascus on the side of the tank facing the school.

“WSSC is pleased to accept the request to paint this symbol of town pride on our tank,” said WSSC General Manager and CEO Carla A. Reid. “Although this wasn’t the community’s first choice, the D painted on the tank in school colors will be visible to residents and visitors to Damascus for generations to come, and is a clear example of WSSC’s commitment to the communities we proudly serve. I want to thank our painting contractor, D&M Painting Corporation, for working so closely with us and the Damascus community throughout this process.”Damascus

Residents of Damascus have wanted the town name and school mascot painted on the local water tank for several years. The timing was perfect as the planned painting contract was underway when WSSC agreed to accept the community’s offer to pay the $15,000 to have the mascot painted on one side of the water tank. However, Georgia Tech’s legal concerns over the use of the mascot forced community leaders to move to plan “D.”

“Our ultimate goal was to show the immense pride we have in our town and our high school on the WSSC water tower,” said Damascus resident Victor Furnells. “Although the tower won’t have the hornet logo, I feel we have over accomplished our goal by moving forward with the letter D. If you look at any high school student with a letter jacket, they proudly display the D and now we’re proud to have this same symbol of pride on the WSSC water tower for all to see for many years to come. Go Damascus!”

“Although I’m disappointed with Georgia Tech’s position, I commend WSSC for working so closely with the residents of Damascus throughout this painting project,” said State Delegate Eric G. Luedtke. “Damascus has a strong sense of community and local pride, and WSSC’s display of exceptional customer service will assist with the town’s efforts to attract more visitors to local small businesses.”

Work to paint the tank began in February and should be complete by next week, weather permitting. The total cost to WSSC to paint the tank is $1.2 million, which includes painting Damascus on both sides of the tank. Local residents began a fundraising effort this spring to cover the cost of painting the mascot on one side of the tank. The money will now go toward painting the D on the tank.

The 27-year-old tank, located at 9950 Damascus Boulevard, is an important part of WSSC’s infrastructure, holding 1.5 million gallons of safe, clean drinking water for Damascus and other residents of Montgomery County. The tank also provides water for fire protection.

Over the next six years, WSSC is committed to investing nearly $2 billion in upgrading and replacing its aging infrastructure, including $6 million a year on water storage tank rehabilitation.

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