WSSC Repaired 1,918 Water Main Breaks in 2015

Crews Are Ready for 2016 as Temperatures Drop

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Laurel – January 6, 2016 – The first cold snap of 2016 is here and it could mean an increase in water main breaks and leaks in the coming days.
The calendar year 2015 ended with a warmer than normal December, but overall WSSC’s Utility Services Team repaired 1,918 water main breaks and leaks throughout the year.
Looking at the past five calendar years, 2015 was the second busiest after 2014, where the Commission recorded 1,943 water main breaks and leaks. The year 2010 continues to hold the record for breaks and leaks with 2,125.
2011 – 1,489 water main breaks
2012 – 1,601 water main breaks
2013 – 1,693 water main breaks
2014 – 1,943 water main breaks
2015 – 1,918 water main breaks
Remember, the sooner WSSC knows about a water main break, the sooner we can fix it. There are several ways to report a break.
WSSC tracks the correlation between the water temperature of the Potomac River and water main breaks. This chart will show how the number of breaks increases as the temperature of the river drops.
As colder weather moves in to stay, it’s also good to remember: If you’re experiencing a pipe break inside your home, call a plumber. WSSC is responsible for water mains in the street and the connections to your home or business, but not the pipes on your property.
Check out our website for tips on winterizing your home and storing water in the event of a water main break in your area.

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