WSSC Partners with Junior Achievement to Provide Students Important Financial Life Skills

WSSC will serve as the Water, Sewer and Trash Kiosk at JA Finance Park in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties

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Laurel – August, 2016 – WSSC is pleased to announce its partnership with Junior Achievement of Greater Washington to serve as the Water, Sewer and Trash Kiosk partner at both JA Finance Park® Prince George’s County and JA Finance Park® Montgomery County.

“This program provides students a hands-on experience and lessons on how to best manage their finances,” said Carla A. Reid, WSSC’s CEO/GM. “These students are going to be leaders in our communities in a few short years, and we at WSSC see the value in supporting their desire to learn these fundamental financial life skills.”

Owning or renting a home comes with a list of expenses that most young people don't yet understand. Expenses like running your water for a shower, having your trash hauled away once a week, and ensuring environmental stewardship is taking place in your neighborhood through sewer management systems are costs that many students do not typically associate with home ownership or renting. 

As the JA Finance Park® Water/Sewer/Trash Kiosk partner, WSSC will have the opportunity to teach young people about the average costs of these types of monthly expenses, and how it plays a role in their monthly budget.

WSSC provides water and sewer service to 1.8 million residents in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. While it does not handle trash removal or provide storm water maintenance, it is partnering with Junior Achievement to provide students instruction in all of these key areas.

For 100 years, WSSC has proudly served the citizens of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties – providing drinking water that has always met strict Safe Drinking Water Act standards and protecting the environment through vital water resource recovery services. Our vision is to be THE world-class water utility, where excellent products and services are always on tap.


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