WSSC Paints Thousands of Fire Hydrants

Customers could see different-colored hydrants

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LAUREL, MD – May 24, 2016:  WSSC is in the process of painting approximately 10,000 fire hydrants in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. The hydrants will remain in service during this time.








WSSC fire hydrants have a grey body with a green top. During the painting process, hydrants will receive a coat of primer, leaving the entire hydrant light grey in color until crews return to paint the body of all hydrants grey and the tops green. All of the primed hydrants will be painted the regular colors by May 2017.

WSSC has more than 42,000 fire hydrants, 99.99 percent of which are in service on an average day. In addition to painting, WSSC maintains a rigid inspection program that includes inspection and maintenance of each hydrant in a three-year period. If and when a WSSC hydrant is taken out of service, WSSC immediately contacts the affected fire department. That hydrant is also marked as out of service.

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