*** 11:27 PM Update *** WSSC Lifts Boil Water Advisory Affecting Parts of Prince George’s County

Two Consecutive Rounds of Samples Test Negative <br> Affected Residents Should Flush Lines Before Drinking

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Laurel - September 4, 2014:  WSSC has lifted the precautionary Boil Water Advisory (BWA) as of 11:27 p.m. tonight for customers in portions of Prince George’s County.

Water testing conducted throughout the area since Wednesday indicates there are no signs of harmful bacteria. WSSC collected multiple samples in the BWA affected area on Wednesday andThursday and the results of all tests have come back negative for contamination. As a result, WSSC has determined it is no longer necessary for the affected customers to boil water prior to use. The BWA resulted from a break in a 24-inch water main in Hyattsville on Tuesday evening.

While there is no evidence of contamination in the area that was under the BWA, WSSC, with guidance from the Maryland Department of the Environment asks customers who were under the BWA to take a few final precautions to flush the water lines in their home or business.

  • WSSC suggests customers run all cold water taps for five minutes. If you have a single-lever faucet, set it to run the cold water.  
  • Begin with the highest faucet in your home or business and then open the other faucets one at a time, moving from your highest floor to your lowest.
  • After five minutes, turn off your faucets in reverse order, from the lowest to highest. You should also flush your refrigerator’s water lines.  
  • Flushing your water lines will lower the risk of potential contamination that is created whenever a water main is depressurized because of a break.  
  • Customers should also dispose of any ice made since the precautionary BWA was put in place at 7:55 p.m. on Tuesday, September 2. The next three batches of ice should also be thrown out. Icemaker containers should be wiped clean with a solution of two tablespoons bleach to one gallon of water.

If you experience any problems after performing the above procedures, or if you have questions, please call our Emergency Call Center at 301.206.4002 or TTY 301.206.8345.

The BWA was put into effect after a 24-inch water main in Hyattsville broke on Tuesday evening. Crews isolated a section of the pipe on Wednesday; there were no customers without water service.

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