Serious Water Issue in Prince George’s County

WSSC-Prince George’s County Joint News Conference

| Media Advisory



Laurel – July 15, 2013: A significant portion of Southern Prince George’s County will face several days without water due to a large water main that is beginning to fail and must be replaced. The water main could be taken out of service as soon as Tuesday afternoon.

What: WSSC will explain the problem; provide information so that residents and businesses are aware of WSSC’s plans to deal with the situation.

When: 9 p.m. tonight, Monday, July 15, 2013.

Where: WSSC Headquarters, 14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel

Residents who live in the affected area, shown in red on the interactive map are being encouraged to stock up on water in preparation for loss of service during repair of the pipe. Mandatory water conservation for people in the affected areas will likely be imposed tomorrow afternoon.

For 100 years, WSSC has proudly served the citizens of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties – providing drinking water that has always met strict Safe Drinking Water Act standards and protecting the environment through vital water resource recovery services. Our vision is to be THE world-class water utility, where excellent products and services are always on tap.


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