***5:30 PM Update*** Repairs on 54” Pipe Move into Final Phase

Mandatory Water Restrictions Continue

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Laurel – July 18, 2013: Repairs on the 54-inch pipe in Forestville are moving into their final, crucial stage. Acoustic Fiber Optic cable, a key technological tool used to monitor the integrity of our pipes, is now installed in the new pipe. The pipe is fully sealed and is now being flushed to fully cleanse this section and test the integrity of the pipe. A water sample will then be taken to confirm water quality. If test results confirm the required water quality level, we hope to put the pipe back into service this weekend.

WSSC has been able to repair the failing pipe with no disruption in service to customers. Dedicated workers were able to perform a long-shot operation to fix a “frozen” valve, allowing WSSC to divert water to its customers throughout the repair process. Earlier today a press conference highlighted these dedicated technicians, and they answered questions about their feat and demonstrated the process of “turning a valve.” Pictures of this work are available on our Facebook page.

It is important to note that mandatory water restrictions remain in effect. The restrictions are mandatory to preserve firefighting capabilities and to ensure a continuous supply in the system. To find out if you are in the affected area, please visit our online interactive map.

Until repairs are complete, it is imperative that all business and residential customers restrict their water use. The less water that is used, the longer it will be available for critical functions to customers in this affected area.

Customers need to:

  • Stop all outside water use – no watering lawns, shrubs, flowers; no washing cars, no topping off swimming pools

  • Use water only as necessary – i.e., shorter showers and turn off faucets after washing hands

  • Limit flushing toilets (do not flush after every use)

  • Postpone using washing machines and dishwashers

These mandatory water restrictions apply to WSSC customers, commercial and residential, in the affected area of Prince George’s counties.

WSSC will provide updates through the local media, social media and at www.wsscwater.com until mandatory restrictions are no longer necessary.

For 100 years, WSSC has proudly served the citizens of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties – providing drinking water that has always met strict Safe Drinking Water Act standards and protecting the environment through vital water resource recovery services. Our vision is to be THE world-class water utility, where excellent products and services are always on tap.


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