Stewardship Projects & Recreational Activities

Environmental Stewardship is one of WSSC Water’s strategic priorities and it is our belief that through an understanding of a natural area people will take strides to protect that area. This is why we promote safe and responsible recreation on over 6,000 acres of WSSC Water owned property along the Patuxent River.  Learn more about the programs offered through the tabs below.  

The Patuxent River, Maryland's longest river runs through the heart of the state and serves as the source of drinking water for one third of WSSC’s customers. As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship we offer opportunities for community members to take part in protecting this important resource. Interested parties should contact the WSSC Community Outreach department at or call 301-206-8100 to get information on current projects. Note that WSSC is an approved service learning facility for students in Howard, Montgomery and Prince Georges County. 

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