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WSSC Water wants you - to be part of our Customer Feedback Community!

We need your feedback, so consider joining our online Customer Feedback Community to help us make your WSSC Water experience better, more efficient and user-friendly. Being a member of our feedback community is easy, convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home. You might even win a prize for participating. And by giving us direct feedback on important issues, you have a voice in how we manage our relationship with you. CFC members typically participate in one activity per month, usually responding to questions or surveys, or providing reactions to WSSC Water products, tools or services - similar to what a focus group would do.

CFC participants must be current WSSC Water customers, must commit to a one-year term and agree to a phone screening that outlines the objectives and expectations of the program while obtaining demographic information from you. By working through a third-party moderator, personal customer information and commentary is not relayed to WSSC Water personnel, who do not see any information about participants’ water/sewer accounts.

How it Works

Customer Feedback Community LogoParticipants receive emails asking them to sign in to an online dashboard. WSSC Water highlights one main activity for CFC participants to perform, though pop-up surveys and special activities can be added anytime. Participants also can ask questions and add comments at any time.


CFC participants are rewarded with points for different levels of activity. Each month a winner is chosen by either a lottery or by highest number of points. At the end of the calendar year, participants with the most activity points are eligible for additional prizes.

Customer Feedback Community Expectations

Ready to Join?

For more information or to become a member of the WSSC Water Customer Feedback Community, contact

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