Camp Springs Elevated Water Storage Tank


WSSC Water began rehabilitating the Camp Spring Elevated Water Storage Tank located on Kiddiminister Avenue in Camp Springs, September 2016. The tank, which was constructed in 1957, has a 1-million gallon storage capacity and is 178’ tall and 66’ wide. The project is expected to be completed by Fall 2017, weather permitting.  WSSC Water will be making the following improvements to the tank: 

  • Tank and Work Site
    • Upgrade antennae mounting system
    • Update electrical, mechanical, and structural hardware
    • Install operator safety devices and handrails
    • Install internal mixing system
    • Replace yard piping, valves, and vault
  • Painting
    • Repair of deteriorated steel
    • Removal of existing lead paint
    • Repainting of the tank's interior and exterior
  • Security
    • Replacing the 6-foot chain link mesh fence and two gates along the front of the tank
    • Install tamper-proof devices

For the safety of our employees and neighbors, WSSC Water has placed air quality monitors at the four perimeter corners of the property. These monitors verify that lead from the tank’s paint does not migrate to areas adjacent to the site.

Air quality results will be posted weekly throughout the project.

Exposure to lead in construction sites is regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The standard establishes the following:

  • Action Level = 30 μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter of air)
    • Results above the action level require modification of abatement methods to bring concentrations to below the 30 μg/m3 limit.

Weekly Results - full report

Sample Number Sample/Type Location and Duration Analytical Result
69059817-3 Area/Ambient

NE Perimeter Fence
480 Minutes

<2.5 µg/m3

69059817-4 Area/Ambient

SE Perimeter Fence
480 Minutes

<2.5 µg/m3

69059817-5 Area/Ambient

SW Perimeter Fence
480 Minutes

<2.5 µg/m3

69059817-6 Area/Ambient

NW Perimeter Fence
480 Minutes

<2.5 µg/m3