Project Locations

Where is the Work Occurring?

An interactive map provides up-to-date information on repair work across the entire service area. You can type in your address to start the search. Click the icon below to get started!

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The WSSC Water service area encompasses nearly 1,000 square miles between Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties and serves a population that is quickly approaching 2 million residents.  As shown on the map below, this area is comprised of 29 sewer basins.  SR3 Program repairs will occur in 24 of these basins (which are shown in green on the map below).


Why is There Work Near Me?

In order to meet the requirements of the Consent Decree, WSSC has committed to performing restoration work on its sewer collection system.  A preliminary step in the SR3 Program involved inspection of manholes and pipe segments which make up this system.  Assets (i.e., manholes and sewer pipes) were then selected to receive restoration work based on the following criteria:

  • The overall severity of the defect(s).
  • The proximity of the defect(s) to streams, creeks (or other bodies of water).
  • The accessibility of the particular asset(s).

When completed, this work will help extend the life of WSSC’s existing sewer collection system (parts of which have been in operation since 1918) for many more years.  

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