Impacts to Homeowners

WSSC Water Needs Your Help!

The SR3 Program will protect local water quality for many years to come while preserving the natural beauty of homes and neighborhoods undergoing repairs. Working together as partners, we can improve local water quality and protect the environment in our communities.

How Will Homeowners be Impacted?

Some of the rehabilitation projects in the SR3 Program may require access to assets on private property. WSSC Water will work with homeowners to minimize impacts to private property.

If your property has a WSSC Water easement (in which sewer repair work will be performed), you’ll receive a notification letter several months before the start of construction activities.  You’ll also receive a map delineating the easement boundaries and the work area.

There will be some cases in which WSSC Water will need to gain access to an asset (i.e., manhole or sewer pipe) not in an easement.  WSSC Water will work with property owners to obtain a right of entry (ROE) agreement.  A ROE agreement will be sent several months in advance of construction highlighting:

  • Maps showing potential access paths to the asset(s)
  • Expected construction activities
  • Locations of all asset(s)
  • Description of efforts that will protect private property
  • Anticipated construction schedule

How Will Drivers be Impacted?

If your travels take you in and around either Prince George’s County or Montgomery County, there is a chance that you may come across construction related to the SR3 Program.  Some manholes are located in area roadways and depending on the necessary repair work, traffic may need to be rerouted for a short period of time.  Most repair work will not require trench work to access sewer pipes but there may be some instances where this type of repair cannot be avoided.  Ample warning of any detours will be provided along with appropriate traffic control measures. 

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