Sewer Repair, Replacement & Rehabilitation

Welcome to the SR3 Program!

If you live in either Montgomery County or Prince George’s County, you may already have come across construction crews performing sewer repair work in your neighborhood or during your daily commute.  You are likely to see more crews performing repairs over the next several years.  While this work may cause a minor inconvenience while in progress, it will ultimately go a long way toward protecting the environment by helping to reduce the likelihood of future sewage discharges. This work is a part of WSSC’s Sewer Repair, Replacement and Rehabilitation (SR3) Program. The SR3 Program is the result of a Consent Decree entered into by WSSC, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and four (4) citizens’ groups

What is the SR3 Program?

By definition, the SR3 Program is a multi-year effort to improve the condition of the wastewater collection system assets and improve surface water quality. Under the leadership of the Pipeline Design Division of the Engineering and Construction Team, WSSC is working hard to repair and replace parts of the sewer system to restore pipe and manhole conditions. With these improvements, less groundwater will infiltrate into pipes through cracks. As a result, there will be fewer sewer overflows into our waterways enhancing the protection of both public health and the environment, while improving service to WSSC’s customers. Repair work will include pipelining, relocation, or replacement; replacing manhole frames and covers; grouting; and other types of repairs. The net effect of these changes will be an improvement to local water quality and updated infrastructure that will serve WSSC’s customers for many years to come.


In Your Neighborhood

Where is the Work Occurring?

An interactive map provides up-to-date information on repair work across the entire service area. You can type in your address to start the search. Click the icon to the right to get started!

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