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Long Form Permit Scheduling Instructions

The Master licensee, or his/her representative, is the only person authorized under WSSC Water policy to schedule inspections on a long-form permit. The policy ensures that the licensee remains informed that an inspection is being scheduled under his/her license, and ensures that each phase of work is complete prior to inspection scheduling.

The WSSC Water's Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), is available for long-form permit inspection scheduling from 5:00 am, to 4:00 am, 7 days a week. To use the IVRS, call 301/206-8383, or 800/422-2063. Please note, if you are scheduling an inspection on a permit which is a 6-digit number, you must precede the number with a zero (0). For example, if your permit number is 955212, you must enter the permit as 0955212 when using the IVRS.

Effective October 13, 2010, a PIN number is also required.   Letters with PIN numbers were mailed out to Principal Masters. If you have not received your PIN #, please call Licensing on 301-206-8588.

The e-mail address for Inspection Support staff is

Emergency Inspections

Requests for an emergency gas or plumbing inspection (after-hours, weekends, holidays), will be considered only after prior request and approval by Regulatory Services staff. Examples of emergencies include gas repairs in multi-family complexes where occupants are without heat, hot water, or cooking facilities; water service repairs in freezing weather; and repairs to deep water/sewer piping in areas where job site conditions pose an imminent threat to public safety.

The most common emergency occurs after an apartment fire. In this situation, the gas utility removes the gas meter to ensure safety. Prior to restoring service, all gas piping must be pressure tested in accordance with Code requirements. In addition, any major health/safety items must be brought up to Code at this time. Typical items include appliance gas cocks, deteriorated vents, and flex-connectors. Each building address requires one short form permit at the time of inspection.

The procedure for requesting an emergency inspection is as follows:

This call must be made as soon as your company has been contracted to perform the work. You must provide the job name and location; permit number; contact person and phone numbers; and the estimated time/date that the emergency inspection will be required. The permit must be on the job site at the time of inspection.

The second call is placed when the work is ready for inspection. The Plumbing Inspector will be dispatched on this call. As a general rule, the Plumbing Inspector will not be dispatched between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Emergency Inspection Phone Numbers:

During business hours: Prince George's County (301) 206-8104
Montgomery County (301) 206-8616 
Inspection Services (301) 206-4004
Regulatory Services Division
After business hours: (301) 206-8222  WSSC Water Emergency Services


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