Geotechnical Submittals, gINT V8i library and templates

Geotechnical submittals

The requirements for geotechnical data collection and submittals for WSSC Water Pipeline projects are included in the WSSC Pipeline Design Manual.

gINT files, library and templates

gINT software by Bentley Systems Inc. is used to manage, report, and database geotechnical information. The gINT Library and Data template files provided below have been customized for WSSC Water projects.  The WSSC Water gINT library .glb library file contains gINT rule codes, standard boring, test pit logs and soil corrosion test summary reports. The WSSC Water gINT Template.gdt template file contains the data base structure for cloning into new project database files. Example Pipe Line Project.gpj is an example project database file with data. Refer to WSSC Water gINT V8i standards document for additional information.

For any questions on the above documents, please contact:

Lei (Kevin) Fu, PhD, PE
Principal Geotechnical Engineer
WSSC Water - Engineering and Environmental Services
Office Phone 301-206-8561

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