Ten Mile Creek / Clarksburg Sewer Service Alternatives

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, working with Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection, is currently studying a range of sewer alternatives to serve the Clarksburg-Ten Mile Creek area. We are currently evaluating sewer infrastructure planning alternatives that can provide future sewer service in the Ten Mile Creek Limited Master Plan Amendment adopted by the Montgomery County Council earlier this year.

WSSC and Montgomery County are also seeking to identify members and stakeholders of the Clarksburg area community willing to serve on a Customer Advisory Committee to provide input and feedback on the sewer planning study as this project moves forward. If you would like to be considered for a role on this committee, please send an email to Kenneth Dixon, Planning Group, at Kenneth.dixon@wsscwater.com.

To provide input or comments regarding the sewer alternatives and the posted draft report, please contact the Communications Office: communications@wsscwater.com

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