Water Project FAQs

Why is this project necessary?

Inspecting the 72 and 66-inch water mains allow WSSC to locate and repair deteriorating sections of pipe before leaks or breaks occur and cause more serious problems, including water shutdowns.

Will my water be shutdown as a result of this project?

No. Water that normally flows through the pipe has been redirected. Residents will receive the same high quality WSSC water that they are accustomed to throughout the course of this project.

Will my water pressure be affected as a result of this project?

No. The water is being redirected and residents should not notice a change in pressure. Elevated storage tanks located throughout our water distribution system allow us to keep water pressure steady even with this major transmission main out of service.

What type of work will I notice in my neighborhood?

If a section of pipe needs to be repaired or replaced; residents in the affected area will be notified, in person by a WSSC employee. On average, it takes about one week to replace a section of the 72- or 66-inch pipe. Some work will need to be done throughout the night. Unfortunately, that means crews will be using lights and there will be some noise disturbances during nighttime hours.

Will my yard be disturbed as a result of this project?

The water main is located within a WSSC right of way which allows us access for maintenance purposes. If WSSC needs to make repairs that will require access through this right of way, we will make every effort to restore the landscape, as close as possible, to its original condition. Structures located within the right of way that need to be moved, may not be reinstalled within the right of way.

How will I be able to recognize an official WSSC employee who may come to my door to provide information?

WSSC employees always wear clearly identifiable clothing. Look for a person in a WSSC hard hat and safety vest. WSSC employees also carry a picture ID that includes our water drop logo.

How will traffic flow in my neighborhood be impacted?

Some work may need to be done along the roadways. Traffic control will be put in place to ensure the safety of all motorists in the area as well as crews. Slight delays can be expected.

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