Patuxent Water Filtration Plant Upgrade

Project Description

Patuxent Picture

WSSC's Patuxent Water Treatment Plant site, located at the intersections of MD Route 198 and Sweitzer Lane in Laurel has taken on a new look as construction work to upgrade the existing plant is more than 70% complete.

The new facility will have a capacity of 56 MGD and will include an advanced conventional water treatment plant with discharge of residuals to the Parkway Wastewater Treatment Plant. The improved Patuxent Plant will include: -- flocculation basins --sedimentation basins --chlorine contact chambers --deep-bed filters --backwash storage facilities -- pumping facilities --maintenance building --mechanical, electrical and control equipment --chemical feed systems -- -- and control room. Improvements to the existing reclaimed water pumping station will also be incorporated into the upgrade.

The $28 million upgrade is being done in two stages to allow continued water production during construction and to minimize any effects on the Potomac Water Filtration Plant. Stage one includes renovation of existing facilities along with the associated electrical and mechanical systems, new and renovation work for offices and control room, demolition of existing Filter Unit #1, construction of a new 36-MGD concrete process structure and a plant performance test period. During stage one, Filter Units 2, 3, and 4 will continue to operate. Stage One was completed and placed in service in August 2003.

Stage Two began with demolition of the remainder of the old treatment plant including the Headhouse and Filter Units 2, 3, and 4 and was completed in September 2003. Construction of the remaining 20 MGD process structure commenced in October 2003.

Construction of the new Stage Two concrete process structure is currently under way. Once the majority of the structure is complete, the contractor will install process equipment, piping systems, electrical systems, instrumentation, and process control systems. The contractor, Danis Environmental Industries, Inc., began work in April 2000. Project completion is slated for late 2005.

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