Conveyance System (Southern Portion) – CT4231E05 project

Looking inside of the Swan Creek Valve Vault, south of Swan Creek Rd. along Route 210.

Excavating approximately 25ft deep using steel sheet piles and walers for the support of the excavation. 

Contractor installing 60” fiberglass reinforced pipe 17ft below grade inside of 8ft trench boxes south of Old Fort rd. along Route 210.

Contractor installing two 48” 45 degree bends to achieve proper alignment into the next vault south of Old Fort Rd. along Route 210.

The 60” tunnel boring machine (TBM) dubbed the Broad Creek Brawler, holes through on the North Bound side of Route 210.


Meet the “Broad Creek Brawler” the micro tunnel boring machine currently boring a tunnel on the west side of MD 210 south of Swan Creek Road. The tunnel will end at the Broad Creek Wastewater Pumping Station.

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