Brighton Dam Rehabilitation Project - Project Updates

Spetember 2017

Work at Brighton Dam started with Notice to Proceed (NTP) on April 17, 2017. Mobilization followed soon after NTP with the Contractor (Cianbro) bringing a trailer on site and setting up the Project Office. So far the following activities have been completed:

  1. Erosion and Sediment Control
  2. Installation of Cofferdam 1
  3. Installation of Bypass Piping
  4. Installation of Cofferdam 2 and Ramp
  5. Hydro-demolition (tanks, pumps, and demolition equipment) setup

Work Currently Underway

  1. Hydro-demolition
Erosion and Sediment Control


Spillway Surface Prior Demolition   Hydro Demolition (yet to be powerwashed)
Cofferdam and Ramp    Bypass Piping    Hydro Demolition 


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