Land Services Section

The Land Services Section is tasked with providing survey capabilities for the Commission; this entails Boundary, Topographic and Construction surveying.  The unit is also responsible for Property Acquisition which entails the transfer of land and the reviewing, negotiating, of Easements for the Commission's abundant water and sewer system.  

WSSC Easement Prep and Submittal Guidelines

Easement Forms  

The Land Services Section deals with easements to be granted to WSSC.  For private easements and requirements, ie. between homeowners, please follow this link.

Example Approved Easement Submittals

AutoCAD Base Templates


Sketch Sizes

All Sketches must have a unique number prior to submission and review by the Commission.  To request a Sketch #: please email Terry Blomquist or Barbara Dillman your requirements.

  8 1/2 11 16 20 22
11 A        
12   B      
16   C J    
20   D K P  
24   E L S  
30   F M Y  
34   G N    Z

WSSC AutoCAD (.dwg) Base Templates for use with AutoDesk TrueView


ACAD Shape Files (.shx)

ACAD Plot Files


Layer Translator Files

Submission Guides

Note: Please be advised that the new requirement to adhere to new CAD Standards does not change the plotted line types and weights as defined by Development Services for submission of printed design plans. You are still required to submit printed material that conforms to the DSG drafting standards. Please download the DSG Drafting Standards PDF detailing these drafting standards.

Please email your AutoCad DWG files to include only your contract number in the subject line.

Google Earth (for Surveyors Only)

Warning:  The spatial location of the Vertical Control Stations should be considered as diagrammatic ONLY.  Use the location of where the Control Station lies as an idea of what Vertical Control points lie within your survey’s vicinity, note those control stations, then contact Tom Mayers (see below) to obtain digital copies of the actual control cards.

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