On May 4, 2017, Governor Hogan signed into legislation HB 319, which approved a name change for the Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Office.  As of June 1, 2017, the SLMBE Office shall be known as the Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion (OSDI or Supplier Diversity Office).

WSSC monitors monthly contract compliance to ensure that the subcontractor participation listed in bids, proposal, and statements of qualification is achieved throughout the duration of a contract.  This requires tracking and reporting subcontractor utilization in the web-based compliance system and imposes penalties for failure to pay a listed subcontractor for work performed.

Web-Based Compliance System:

Web-Based Compliance System's primary focus is geared towards monitoring, tracking and reporting mandated and/or voluntary subcontracting compliance requirements.  The System tracks the participation of all subcontractors including certified Minority Business Enterprise [MBE] and Small Local Business Enterprise [SLBE] firms and majority-owned firms.

Web-Based Compliance System reporting is a contractual requirement

Web-Based Compliance System allows Prime Contractors to document payments made to submitted invoices and allows Subcontractors to submit their invoices and validate/accept payments.

Vendors may obtain a Login ID and Password by contacting the Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion via email at or by calling 301-206-8800. The Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion holds Web-Based Compliance System Hands-On training classes once a month.

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