Architectural/Engineering and Construction Bids

The Architectural/Engineering and Construction Group is responsible for architectural and engineering contracts necessary to support the day-to-day operations of the Commission. The Group promotes policies and procedures that provide cost-effective water and wastewater contracting services. It also ensures fair and equitable treatment and accountability while promoting contracting opportunities for all business enterprises.

Requests for Proposals

Architectural/Engineering and Construction shall be evaluated and awarded as per WSSC Water Procurement Regulation 4-203, Competitive Sealed Proposals. View our WSSC Water Procurement Regulations.

Public Notice

When Architectural/Engineering and Construction services are required, an advertisement will appear in the WSSC Water Supplier Portal System . The advertisement will specify the general description of the services sought, the submittals required (e.g. Standard Form 330), the closing date for the submittals, and the required level of minority business participation, as appropriate.

Multi-Step Sealed Bidding

The Commission may employ two-phase process consisting of a technical first phase composed of one or more steps in which bidders submit un-priced technical offers to be evaluated by WSSC Water and a second phase in which those bidders whose technical offers are determined to be acceptable during the first phase have their price bids considered. At the Chief Procurement Officer’s discretion, a “best and final offer” stage may be included whereby bidders of acceptable quality are invited to improve or adjust the quality of their offers, or reduce the price.

Multi-step sealed bidding shall be initiated by the issuance of an Request for Proposals that may state:

  1. that un-priced technical offers are requested;
  2. whether separate priced bids are to be submitted at the same time as un-priced technical offers;
  3. that it is a multi-step sealed bid procurement, and the rules to be followed;
  4. the criteria to be used in the evaluation of the un-priced technical offers;
  5. that the Chief Procurement Officer or designee may conduct oral or written discussions of the un-priced technical offers; and/or
  6. that priced offers may be subject to negotiation.

After receipt of un-priced technical offers, amendments to the Invitation for Bids may be distributed.

Evaluation Factors

In the Request for Proposals all of the evaluation factors, including price, and their relative importance in the evaluation will be clearly stated in the Solicitation and only those factors shall be used to evaluate Proposals received. “Price” is a mandatory evaluation factor. If there are multiple evaluation factors, price must be one of them. The relative weight of the evaluation factors will be clearly specified in the bid/proposal instructions. Relative weight will be generally expressed in percentages.

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