Changes to Customer Billing

Beginning July 1, 2016 there will be changes to your WSSC water and sewer bill. The final phase-in of the Infrastructure Investment Fee (IIF) is complete*; some customers receive a CAP credit if they qualify. The average customer will experience an overall increase of $3.28 per month.  The breakdown:

FY2016 bill front


  • The IIF is $12 per quarter for FY17
  • The water/sewer usage rate increase is 3% percent for FY17.

Ready to Serve Charge 

There are two components to this charge.

  1. The existing Account Maintenance Fee which covers the cost to bring water and sewer service to every home and business; including meters, meter readers and billing; and 
  2. Infrastructure Investment Fee which is allocated to the replacement/rehabilitation of system infrastructure.

Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

This program provides a partial credit for low income residential customers. Eligibility is based upon participation in the Office of Home Energy Program. CAP provides relief for the Ready-To-Serve Charge and is shown as one credit.

These billing changes did not change the existing water usage rate structure. Customers can still reduce their bills through conservation. The fee increases were designed to separate water usage rates from system-wide common costs. The water usage rate is now a more accurate reflection of the water the customer uses.

* After Fiscal Year 2017, the new Infrastructure Investment Fee is locked in until FY2020

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