Investigative Unit

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Police Department Investigative Unit is charged with investigative responsibility of criminal, civil and/or administrative violations occurring against or on Commission property throughout Prince George’s, Montgomery and Howard Counties, Maryland. Further, the Investigative Unit is responsible for the security authorization of individuals seeking access to Commission assets, facilities and information necessary to conduct business within the Commission’s district. Additionally, the Investigative Unit is responsible for the implementation of crime prevention strategies in support of the overall mission of the Police Department.

In an effort to accomplish these tasks, the Investigative Unit is staffed by Maryland certified Police Officers assigned as Investigators to the Unit and civilian staff serving as Background Specialists. Investigators of the unit are responsible for the investigation of a variety of reported acts against the Commission interests or occurring on Commission property, including public access recreational areas. These acts include the theft or destruction of Commission property and services, crimes against property and persons working at or visiting its sites and fraud committed against the Commission. 

Investigators within the unit are charged with investigative responsibility for reported acts of employee misconduct brought to the attention of the Commission. Employment background investigations of individuals seeking employment within the Police Department and in some cases, the Commission, are conducted by a Background Specialist assigned to the Investigative Unit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



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