Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Studies

The primary revenue source for WSSC Water is the water and sewer rates received from its customers. The water and sewer rates are designed to recover the capital and operating costs of providing water and sewer service, including the funding of necessary reserves and reinvestment in the water and sewer systems’ facilities and infrastructure. A smaller but very important source of revenue is the money collected from the miscellaneous fees and charges that are used to cover the costs of specific services other than the direct provision of potable water and the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage.
The WSSC Water engaged the Municipal Financial Service Group to evaluate the Commission’s Miscellaneous Fees and Charges, including comprehensive reports System Development Charges (SDC) and Extra-Strength Wastewater Surcharges.  The Miscellaneous Fees & Charges and SDC reports are below. The Extra-Strength Wastewater Surcharges report will be posted after it is finalized in March 2018.

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