Solicitation of Businesses for United Way Campaign

Code of Ethics Notice Regarding Solicitation of Businesses For #H2OPeople Giving Campaign - United Way

As part of WSSC’s annual #H20PEOPLE GIVING CAMPAIGN/United Way, local businesses will be solicited by WSSC to donate gift certificates that WSSC will give away as prizes in support of this fundraising effort.   The WSSC Code of Ethics Section 3-6(b)(3) permits WSSC employees to solicit gifts from any person in support of the United Way campaign as long as the method of solicitation has been approved by the Commission or the General Manager.  
 On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, the General Manager approved the following method of solicitation:          
“WSSC’s Community Outreach Office, will be responsible for conducting the solicitation.  The 3-part process will begin with calling each business to obtain the current name of a manager or contact person.  Each business will then receive a solicitation letter asking them to provide a donation in the form of a gift certificate for our employee raffles.  A follow-up phone call will be made to confirm the letters arrival. For the businesses that would like to partner in our fundraising efforts, arrangements will be made to retrieve the donated gift.”. 


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