Ethics and the Holiday Season

To all Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Vendors:

In our effort to avoid a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest, or the need for our employees to examine the ethics of acceptance, our agency and its employees have been requested to not accept gifts from vendors, suppliers, customers, potential employees, potential vendors or suppliers, or any other individual or organization regulated by the WSSC during this holiday season.
Our Code of Ethics requires that all employees demonstrate our commitment to treating all people and organizations, with whom we come into contact or conduct business, impartially. Our employees demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and conduct. Employees practice and demonstrate equal treatment, unbiased professionalism, and non-discriminatory actions in relation to all vendors, suppliers, customers, employees, potential employees, potential vendors or suppliers, and any other individual or organization.

Therefore, we ask for your cooperation during this season of gift giving to ensure we uphold the ethical standards we strive to embody on a daily basis.

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