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WSSC Powers Up! With Wind

WSSC Power Up!
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The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is now powered up with wind! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, WSSC is the #1 direct purchaser of renewable wind power in the United States.

In the spring of 2008, the Commission began using electricity generated by a wind farm in southwestern Pennsylvania, or approximately 65,000-megawatt hours of power a year.

In 2011, wind power accounted for 28% of WSSC’s total electric consumption. WSSC receives 85% of the energy generated from the wind farm.

While the use of wind power is growing more common, WSSC’s wind power purchase is anything but common. Instead of buying renewable energy certificates or RECs, WSSC has opted to purchase green power directly from a wind farm. This translates into a long-term prince stability and savings for our customers, and demonstrates our commitment to improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

WSSC is paying a fixed price for 85% of the wind farm’s output over the next 10 years. To really understand the financial benefit, think about your own electric bill. As energy prices continue to skyrocket, imagine if you could lock in a reasonable rate for your electric bill and then pay that fixed price for the next decade. That’s exactly what WSSC has done.

The Commission is also committed to protecting the environment for generations to come. By using direct wind power, WSSC is reducing greenhouse gases released into the Washington area by 38,000 tons/yr. It is the equivalent of taking 100,000 cars off the Capital Beltway.


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