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System Extension Permits (SEP) Process

Welcome to Step 3 of the System Extension Permits (SEP) process. Please see the detailed information below for meeting this steps requirements.
Preliminary SEP Processes (steps 1-3)Design SEP Processes (steps 4-7)Construction and Release SEP Processes (steps 8-11)
steps 1-3

Submittal Of Environmental Questionnaire And Database Search

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The applicant must complete and submit an Environmental Questionnaire. A contamination database search, conducted pursuant to ASTM Standard E-1527, is also required under one of the following options:

This information should be provided as early as possible, but it must be submitted no later than with the design package for review purposes. WSSC reserves the right to require additional investigations. At the applicant's request, WSSC may provide conditional approval of the design prior to complete resolution of contamination concerns if the applicant accepts any and all risks associated with such conditional approval. In all cases, Release for Service (Step 11) will not be issued until all contamination impacts are completely resolved.

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