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Keeping Customers Safe and Informed

WSSC Not Affiliated With Any Company Selling Water Leak Insurance

WSSC is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse, any company advertising insurance for underground water main leaks on private property.

WSSC has received calls and emails from customers in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties who received advertisements in the mail for a service contract to provide coverage for breaks in external water lines on their property. These types of advertisements have become fairly regular occurrences over the last few years. In a letter to customers, the company mentions that WSSC does not pay for underground leaks on private property. While this is true, WSSC does not endorse any underground leak insurance program offered by any company.

Under WSSC policy, the homeowner is responsible for the water service (lateral) from their house to the property line, as well as all of the pipes within the house. If the leak is in the WSSC portion of the service pipe or on the main water pipe (in the street), WSSC will make repairs and restore the affected area to its original condition.

For more information on any company you may have been in contact with, please contact the Better Business Bureau at (202) 393-8000 or (410) 347-3990 or online at


WSSC Not Affiliated With Any Company Promising Bill Reductions

WSSC is not affiliated with, or supportive of, any company advertising reduction in your water bill rates. Unless you are on well water or live in the incorporated towns of Bowie and Rockville (and receive your water bills from them), WSSC is the sole source of water service for customers in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. WSSC has received calls and emails from customers who were encountered in person, at their homes, with requests to view their bill in an attempt to “sell” them a water bill reduction. This is NOT something we do, nor is it possible.

Please see the detailed information in the Identifying WSSC Employees section on this page for more information on how to recognize legitimate representatives of our organization.


Identifying WSSC Employees

Occasionally, there are instances in which individuals pose as utility workers to gain access to homes and property for the purpose of committing crime.  WSSC and its customers are not immune from these acts.

Therefore, WSSC encourages you to play it safe and know these facts:

  • All WSSC employees are required to carry and prominently display their WSSC photo ID badges. When in doubt, customers should demand to see the employee’s ID badge for verification.
  • All WSSC workers who need access to customers’ homes, properties or businesses drive blue vans, trucks or cars, clearly marked with the WSSC name and water drop logo.
  • If you fear for your safety, call 911. To report suspicious activities involving WSSC employees or vehicles, please immediately call the police and contact WSSC at 301-206-8888.


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