What is a sewer emergency? 
  1. A backed up basement or lowest level of the home taking in sewage without using water in the home.
  2. A WSSC manhole or clean out at the property line that is overflowing onto the ground.
  3. A surcharged sewer main (Heavy Rain) causing a sewer back up in homes.
What is a water emergency?
  1. A broken water main in the street which causes flooding/collapsing of the roadway or icy conditions in the winter.
  2. A service leak outside of the home in the yard area causing flooding conditions and/or hazardous conditions such as collapse of yard or sidewalk areas, icy conditions in the winter.
  3. A broken pipe inside the home causing flooding conditions and the inside valve is inoperable. A registered WSSC plumber or a WSSC technician can make a turn off at the street. 


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