Partial or Total Demolition Procedures

When planning total or partial building demolition, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) requires certification that water and sewer services have been disconnected from the structure or portion of the structure awaiting demolition. This certification is required before county officials can issue a demolition (razing) permit.

Total Demolition

For total demolition, WSSC provides customers with a written certification after the following steps have been completed:

  • The water must be turned off, the turn-off fee and any outstanding balance paid, and the meter removed.  To request the disconnection and removal of meters one and a half inches or smaller, call the Customer Relations Center at 301-206-4001.  If the meter is located inside a building, our field staff will need to enter the premises to remove it.  If the meter is one inch or smaller, the turn-off fee will be $60.  If the meter is over one inch, the turn-off fee will be $160.  A plumber must remove and return meters two inches and larger to the Bladensburg Service Center, 4101 Lloyd Street, Hyattsville, Maryland
  • A WSSC licensed Registered Master Plumber, licensed to work in the Washington Suburban Sanitary District, must cap water and sewer lines at the property line.
  • Our Regulatory Services Group must inspect the plumber’s work and report the results on a “short form permit.”  A copy of the short form permit verifying that the work passed inspection should accompany the request for certification.  We can also verify that the work passed inspection if you call us at 301-206-4001 with the permit number or service address.  To arrange short form permit inspections, the Master Plumber should call 301-206-4004, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  
Partial Demolition

For partial demolition, the water serving the building or the portion of the property pending demolition must be turned off.  Both water and sewer lines must be capped as far away as practical from the structure scheduled for demolition.  Similar to total demolition, a Registered Master Plumber must accomplish the work and have it inspected under the short form permit.  The Master Plumber should call 301-206-4004, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to schedule a short form permit inspection.  Partial demolitions do not require payment of the outstanding account balances or the removal of the on-site meter, because WSSC will continue to bill the property for services. This “cap-off” only enables release of a county demolition/razing permit. Abandonment of fixture rough-ins and related piping shall comply with the Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code and may also require an SDC fixture credit inspection.

Those in need of certification for structures when WSSC does not provide service (well and septic or privately owned and maintained water supply/sewage disposal systems) should call Correspondence Services at 301-206-8897 to obtain the necessary written certification.

- Important Notice -

To obtain information about SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CHARGE (SDC) credits for fixtures to be removed from a structure to be demolished, please contact Permit Services at 301- 206-4003 WSSC must perform an inspection to verify the fixture count for SDC credits prior to removal of fixtures and demolition of the building. A Registered Master Plumber must apply for the SDC Fixture Credit Permit and schedule the fixture count inspection.  If the applicant neglects to follow this procedure, they will be at the risk of losing some or all of their potential credit.  For cases where the applicant neglects to request an inspection prior to removing the fixtures, they may appeal to the WSSC’s Permit Services office for alternative fixture count credit calculation options. 



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