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Regulatory Services

Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code


Inspections (Plumbing and Gas Code)

The Inspection Services Unit provides enforcement and regulation of the I.P.C.,I.R.C.,I.F.G.C. and W.S.S.C. plumbing and fuel gas codes within the WSSC Inspectors perform jobsite inspections on all residential, commercial and industrial projects in the district as well as responding to customer complaints, courtesy calls, and violations. Jobsite inspections verify code correct installations, adherence to approved plumbing, fuel gas, onsite, and fog plans and accuracy of all permit data including S.D.C. fixture counts. Inspectors routinely provide expertise and assistance to Customer Care, Meter Services, Systems Construction, Permits Processing, Plan Review and the F.O.G. unit in support of customer related issues.



The Licensing Unit issues to Plumbers, Gasfitters, Cross Connection Technicians and Sewer / drain cleaners approved to perform or install regulated work within the WSSC service area. To speak with a member of Licensing Unit, please call 301-206-8588.

Plan Review

The Plan Review Unit reviews plumbing, fuel gas (natural/LP) plans for regulated work on property in accordance with WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code and adopted International Plumbing Code (IPC) and International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC). To speak with a member of the Plan Review Staff, please call 301-206-8886.

Inspection Support

The Inspection Support Unit schedules Plumbing and Gas fitting inspections for short form permits. The scheduling of all long form permits is available through the WSSC automated scheduling system by calling 301-206-8383 between the 7AM to 7PM for next day inspections.

Cross Connection Control Program(CCCP)

The CCCP is mandated by the EPA to protect the public drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The CCCP is responsible for monitoring all backflow assemblies and devices installed in the WSSC. The Cross Connection Control Office works closely with the Plan Review Office to eliminate all cross connection when possible, with the Inspection Services branch to insure that all assemblies and devices are installed according to the WSSC Plumbing and Gasfitting codes and the IPC and IRC codes. In addition, the Cross Connection Control Office conducts survey inspections to insure that assemblies and devices are maintained in good working order and tested annually. The WSSC intends to track all assemblies electronically and issue notices and violations as needed to insure the protection of the public water distribution system. To reach the CCCP office call (301) 206-4004.

Fats, Oils, and Grease Program (FOG)


The FOG Program is responsible for ensuring that restaurants and other food service establishments comply with WSSC’s requirements concerning fats, oils, and grease discharges to the sanitary sewer system. The FOG Program also provides information and assistance to residential customers in controlling FOG discharges.

Residential Customers

Restaurants and Other Food Service Establishments

Industrial Discharge Control Program


The WSSC's Industrial Discharge Control Program (IDCP) regulates the disposal of industrial waste to the WSSC's sanitary sewer system. The program issues discharge authorization permits to Significant Industrial Users and waste haulers, inspects and monitors Industrial User facilities, and enforces Federal, State and local pretreatment requirements.

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